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fd rapid golgi stain kit



Golgi-Cox impregnation1, 2 has been probably the most efficient methods for learning each the conventional and irregular morphology of neurons in addition to glia. Utilizing the Golgi method, delicate morphological alterations in neuronal dendrites and dendritic spines have been found within the brains of animals handled with medication in addition to within the postmortem brains of sufferers with neurological ailments3, 4. Nevertheless, the unreliability and the time-consuming technique of Golgi staining have been main obstacles to the widespread software of this system.

FD Fast GolgiStain™ Package is designed based mostly on the precept of the strategies described by Ramón- Moliner2, Glaser and Van der Loos5. This equipment has not solely dramatically improved and simplified the Golgi-Cox method however has additionally confirmed to be extraordinarily dependable and delicate for demonstrating morphological particulars of neurons and glia, particularly dendritic spines. The FD Fast GolgiStain™ Package has been examined extensively and broadly used on the brains from a number of species of animals in addition to on the specimens of postmortem human brains.



Package contents:

Retailer at room temperature

Answer A                                         250 ml
Answer B                                         250 ml
Answer C                                         250 ml x 2
Answer D                                         250 ml
Answer E                                         250 ml
Glass Specimen Retriever              2
Pure hair paintbrush                 2
Dropping bottle                                1
Consumer Handbook                                     1

Supplies required however not included:

  • Double distilled or deionized water.
  • Plastic or glass tubes or vials.
  • Histological provides and tools, together with gelatin-coated microscope slides, coverslips, staining jars, ethanol,  xylene or xylene substitutes, resinous mounting medium (e.g. Permount), and a lightweight microscope.
fd rapid golgi stain kit
fd speedy golgi stain equipment


The Golgi-Cox technique has been probably the most efficient methods for learning the morphology of neuronal dendrites and dendritic spines. Nevertheless, the reliability and time-consuming technique of Golgi-Cox staining have been main obstacles to the widespread software of this system. To beat these shortcomings and to advertise this invaluable method, we developed the FD Fast GolgiStain Package based mostly on the precept of the strategies described by Ramón-Moliner in 1970 and Glaser and Van der Loos in 1981. The equipment considerably improves and simplifies the Golgi-Cox method. This equipment is dependable for visualizing morphological particulars of neurons, permitting for evaluation of assorted parameters of dendritic morphology-such as dendritic size and branching sample and dendritic backbone quantity, form, and size-in each animal and postmortem human brains. A 40-min educational video for tissue freezing, cryosectioning, and marking is offered. © 2019 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


Brian Barnes