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Online Assessment for Pathology Residents during the COVID19 Pandemic: Report of an Experience

The world is dealing with COVID-19 pandemic, and medical schooling system and consequently the analysis of scholars at totally different ranges have been overshadowed. Residency college students are amongst these affected. Within the current research, we intention to share our experiences concerning holding exams for pathology residents earlier than and in the course of the pandemic.

 This cross-sectional research was carried out in Tehran College of Medical Sciences. The net examination, which consisted of 30 multiple-choice questions, was designed and held in April 2020 to guage pathology residents. To evaluate the standard of the examination, indices such because the variety of questions, highest and lowest scores, the typical rating, the usual deviation, the variance, Cronbach’s alpha reliability coefficient, commonplace error of measurement, discrimination index, issue index, quantity/share of questions on three issue ranges of simple, regular, onerous had been reviewed and analyzed.

The common rating of the members within the January examination which was held within the college’s examination heart was 16.23 (±5.03), whereas the typical rating within the on-line examination which was held after the onset of the pandemic was 20.86 (±5.18). The common discrimination indices within the first and second exams had been 0.36 and 0.38, respectively, and the typical issue indices within the first and second exams had been 0.54 and 0.70, respectively. We discovered the administration of this on-line examination could be a optimistic expertise. By sharing it, we hope to pave the best way for related ventures within the different departments.

Media for Coping Throughout <em>COVID</em>-<em>19</em> Social Distancing: Stress, Anxiousness, and Psychological Effectively-Being

In spring 2020, COVID-19 and the following social distancing and stay-at-home orders instigated abrupt adjustments to employment and academic infrastructure, resulting in uncertainty, concern, and stress amongst United States school college students. The media consumption patterns of this and different social teams throughout the globe had been affected, with early proof suggesting viewers had been searching for each pandemic-themed media and reassuring, acquainted content material. A normal enhance in media consumption, and elevated consumption of particular forms of content material, might have been as a result of media use for coping methods. This paper examines the connection between the stress and anxiousness of college college students and their strategic use of media for coping throughout preliminary social distancing intervals in March-April 2020 utilizing information from a cross-sectional survey. We look at hyperlinks between particular forms of media use with psychological well-being ideas, and look at the moderating roles of traits (hope, optimism, and resilience) as buffers in opposition to destructive relationships between stress and anxiousness and psychological well-being.
Our findings point out that stress was linked to extra hedonic and fewer eudaimonic media use, in addition to extra avoidant and escapist media-based coping. Anxiousness, alternatively, was linked to extra media use generally, particularly extra eudaimonic media use and a full vary of media-based coping methods. In flip, escapist media was linked to destructive have an effect on, whereas reframing media and eudaimonic media had been linked to optimistic have an effect on. Avoidant coping was tied to poorer psychological well being, and humor coping was tied to raised psychological well being.
Hedonic and need-satisfying media use had been linked to extra flourishing. Hope, optimism, and resilience had been all predictive of media use, with the latter two traits moderating responses to emphasize and anxiousness. The findings give a nuanced portrait of faculty college students’ media use throughout a pandemic-induced shutdown, exhibiting that media use is intently intertwined with well-being in each adaptive and maladaptive patterns.
 Online Assessment for Pathology Residents during the <em>COVID</em>-<em>19</em> Pandemic: Report of an Experience

Alcohol Use and <em>COVID</em>-<em>19</em>: Can we Predict the Affect of the Pandemic on Alcohol Use Primarily based on the Earlier Crises within the 21st Century? A Transient Assessment

The big well being and financial challenges precipitated by the 2019 coronavirus illness (COVID-19) pandemic are comparable and even larger than these related to earlier historic world crises. Alcohol use, particularly consuming to deal with stress, is a priority, as a rise in its gross sales has been reported in some international locations in the course of the quarantine.
This research goals to supply a greater understanding of what to anticipate when it comes to alcohol consumption, danger elements for extreme use, and its potential penalties throughout this pandemic primarily based on earlier experiences. We investigated how traumatic occasions associated to alcohol consumption. Research on mass traumatic occasions (i.e., terrorism as 9/11), epidemic outbreaks (i.e., extreme acute respiratory syndrome [SARS] in 2003), financial crises (similar to 2008’s Nice Recession), and COVID-19 had been chosen.
The primary key phrases used to pick out the research had been alcohol use, consuming patterns, alcohol use issues, and alcohol-related penalties. Earlier research reported will increase in alcohol use related to these occasions mediated, no less than partially, by anxiousness and depressive signs, and posttraumatic stress dysfunction (PTSD). Being male, younger, and single additionally appears to be related to the next vulnerability to develop dangerous consuming habits after these tragic occasions.
The dialogue of earlier danger and protecting elements can contribute to elaborate extra particular public well being insurance policies to mitigate the impression of the present pandemic on folks’s psychological well being, particularly alcohol-related issues.
Brian Barnes